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The 2023 edition of the Green Business Challenge (GBC) started November 13th and finished November 17th, and focussed on the circular economy. During this week a group of 26 international students travelled through 5 different cities in the Northern Netherlands and Germany. In teams they tried to solve one of the 6 different Challenges supplied by companies and organisations from the region: STOPAQ, Veenstra & Stroeve, Marne, Indu-Con, Magnificent Proteins and De Oude Zagerij.

The Green Business Challenge is not just about work; it’s about diving headfirst into a whirlwind of action, turning heads, and creating a knowledge-sharing fiesta! We’re on a mission to shake up the green economy and give the new generation a front-row seat to the adventures that lie ahead. Buckle up for impact, fun, and a whole lot of green goodness!


  • "Develop 5 product-market combinations that enable use of circular wood"

  • "Help Marne Mustard identify and assess opportunities to upgrade a food residue stream."

  • “Develop a validated business case for large-scale sales of oyster mushrooms.”

  • “Create an overview of sensational circular material choices and develop the ultimate experience concept for the most sustainable glamping camping experience.”

  • “Find a 'green' solution for Veenstra & Stroeve's current packaging method.”

  • “Guarantee the most optimal processing of the residual flow and explore ways to reuse the flow.”

Co-created with nice°

This edition of the Green Business Challenge is being co-created with nice°, a foundation that has been established to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Nice° works on challenges related to the Circular Economy for governments, businesses, knowledge institutions, and citizens. These organizations are united in their commitment to driving the transition towards a circular economy, working collaboratively to make this shift a reality. Nice° is the place where young people can work on these challenges by innovating, exploring, and experimenting together.

At nice°, action speaks louder than words. Nice° actively cultivates the innovation potential for a circular economy in Northern Netherlands by engaging flourishing young professionals, and provide a platform for businesses, government, and entrepreneurs to collaborate with young talent, learning and developing together through hands-on experiences. Nice° believes in the power of early education, recognizing that students are not just learners but the driving force propelling us into a sustainable, circular future.




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Green Business Challenge


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