STOPAQ is a permanent corrosion prevention solution, designed to extend asset lifetime of steel structures. Savings go beyond reduced maintenance: use of the technology reduces the carbon footprint throughout the lifetime of the asset.

STOPAQ's 3 most important core values are people, innovation and responsibility. These core values are reflected in the way they operate. The ambition is to do business in a healthy way. Waste streams are reduced and reused as much as possible. Within the Green Business Challenge, STOPAQ wants to explore whether a difficult waste stream can be modified and/or reduced and whether what remains can then be reused. The combination is the optimal situation.

“Guarantee the most optimal processing of the residual flow and explore ways to reuse the flow.”


13 NOV - 18 NOV

Circular (2023)

The 2023 edition of the Green Business Challenge (GBC) started November 13th and finished November 17th, and focussed on the circular economy. During this week a group of 26 international students tra...

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