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We are excited to launch the first-ever Biobased edition, which will shine its light on the future generation of sustainability pioneers equipped with the skills to propel the biobased revolution and circular economy forward. The transition to a green economy is one of the biggest challenges we face today and a significant turning point in how we interact with our planet’s resources. It calls for reimagining our reliance on traditional materials and advocating for a sustainable approach to organic resources, innovative biotechnologies, and green business models. To do so, we need the best ideas and brightest minds to unite!

Real challenges. Real impact. 
Expect a 3-day cross border road trip in the Ems Dollart Region, buzzing with fresh ideas and mind-blowing insights and over more than 20 students tackling real business cases. What obstacles do governments, businesses, and communities face in embracing biobased alternatives? How can organisations speed the transition to a resource-resilient future by improving biowaste management or bio-innovation? The challenges vary each edition but are 100% real.

Green Business Challenge

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Do you want to pave the way for a green economy and go on an unforgettable road trip? All while gain new skills, great friendships and exciting career opportunities along the way? Applications are now open for students from all over the world, with various backgrounds — from economics, biology, tech and marketing to (spatial) design, chemistry,  governance, environmental law and psychology,  And the best part; it's free. Ho(s)tels, workshops, transport, food and fun are all taken care of. Limited spots are available, so make sure to claim yours as soon as possible!

Part of Biotech Talent Unlocked

Green Business Challenge Biobased Edition

The Green Business Challenge is part of Biotech Talent Unlocked, funded by Interreg VI A. In the Ems Dollart Region, numerous innovative companies, start-ups and green initiatives are paving the way for a circular and biobased economy. As part of the project, bio companies and universities are joining forces to boost collaboration, pioneer change, expand career opportunities, and develop educational programmes related to sustainability across borders.


Get set to be inspired by Biobased innovations the well-known BioBizzHub-building in Balk! Featuring a compelling chairman, a true professional as our keynote speaker and pitches by teams of innovative students. This will be an miraculous event for everyone interested in biobased innovations and driving forward. And you’re invited!

When? June 13th, 2024 - Approx. 14:00-17:00

Where? BioBizzHub Balk (Paques)

Costs? This amazing event is free of charge for everyone!

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Are you a go-getter, a teamplayer and mean business when it comes to a green economy? Apply now and claim your spot!

Green Business Challenge


Do you want to become more sustainable and looking for a way to boost the process? Take it to the next level with the Green Business Challenge!