As Green Business Challenge, we proudly present our mobility partner Pouw Rent!

“For our customers, we are local, involved, and reliable. Entrepreneurially? Then we are rebels in motion, which aligns perfectly with the Green Business Challenge.”

Pouw Rent is a leading car rental company in the Northern Netherlands and has made significant strides in recent years. For instance, in Groningen, it’s rare to go a day without seeing a car from their fleet. How they did it? By daring to be different. By getting out of their comfort zone and focusing on what truly matters to them. We wanted to know more about this, so we interviewed owner Stephan van der Veer about entrepreneurship with societal impact, the Green Business Challenge, and our already golden collaboration.

Upon arrival at Skagerrak 6 in the industrial area of Groningen, it’s clear that Pouw Rent is hard to miss. Red advertising columns, a full fleet of all types of cars, and a warmly greeting colleague set the scene. Inside, the cheerful vibe continues with Stephan and his colleagues. “Coffee?”


After grabbing our coffees and chatting for a while about various topics, we naturally asked, “Where does Pouw’s enthusiasm for the Green Business Challenge come from?” “Well,” Stephan smiles, “For our customers, we are local, involved, and reliable. Entrepreneurially? Then we are rebels in motion, which aligns perfectly with the Green Business Challenge.”

According to Stephan, this rebelliousness at Pouw comes from doing things just a bit differently than others. They constantly try to anticipate the future, the changing mobility landscape and sometimes they challenge conventional wisdom. “I’m sometimes considered crazy,” he laughs, “but I believe in the future. By that, I mean I believe in a different way of thinking about mobility. We should focus purely on movements and provide tailored solutions. This includes electric shared cars, customized leases, public transport and other solutions. In my vision, transport will not only become more sustainable but also more tailored to the individual and what they need at that moment. Sometimes you say things that people (still) don’t want to hear. But we stand for a greener tomorrow.


This very idea is what draws the Green Business Challenge and Pouw Rent together. The collaboration between the ‘drivers of change’ is characterized by short lines of communication, positivity, and quick decision-making. Both parties aim to firmly connect Pouw Rent with the transitional and progressive nature of the Green Business Challenge. The car rental company would like to see the Green Business Challenge editions increasing and diversifying. “Of course, I support that! It means more and more people are engaged in transitions, innovation, and the future! If I can contribute more, I’ll do it immediately.”

Stephan continues, “I see creating change and impact for a greener future a bit like dripping water on a stone. As long as we keep doing it and keep telling people about it, the stone will split. That’s what we want to achieve, and contributing to the Green Business Challenge helps immensely with that. And the added benefit for us? We become top of mind with transitions and energy transition in particular. That’s a great bonus.”

Pouw Rent is local, involved, reliable, and helps us both literally and figuratively on our way to tomorrow.


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