Indu-Con is an innovative and leading industrial sailmaker. Some examples of projects include Tomorrowland festival tents, ice rinks, inflatable pillows, glamping tents and the well-known Wipe Out. Within many projects, Indu-Con acts together with Black Sheep Productions. And now they have joined forces to jointly create a new camping concept. The focus is on sustainability, off-grid, circularity and thus a significant contribution to the environment.

“Create an overview of sensational circular material choices and develop the ultimate experience concept for the most sustainable glamping camping experience.”


13 NOV - 18 NOV

Circular (2023)

The 2023 edition of the Green Business Challenge (GBC) started November 13th and finished November 17th, and focussed on the circular economy. During this week a group of 26 international students tra...

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