De Marne's Fabrieken is a Groningen company where craftsmanship is of paramount importance. De Marne supplies it with mustard worldwide. De Marne has a rich history and looks forward confidently to a successful future.

One of De Marne's core values is "Respect for people and the environment." Marne Mosterd also wants to apply this to the mustard production process in the best possible way. A lot of mustard is produced in the Netherlands. Mustard is made from mustard seeds. Fleeces from those seeds are in the mustard. However, the husks also lead to a residual stream. For this edition, Marne Mosterd wants to have the processing opportunities for this residual stream explored.

"Help Marne Mustard identify and assess opportunities to upgrade a food residue stream."


13 NOV - 18 NOV

Circular (2023)

The 2023 edition of the Green Business Challenge (GBC) started November 13th and finished November 17th, and focussed on the circular economy. During this week a group of 26 international students tra...

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