De Oude Zagerij as a startup, started 7 years ago upcycling hundreds of years old oak planks and beams into high-quality furniture and a wide range of interior applications.

The new company 'Circular Wood Company Name' wants to be committed to supplying reused (circular) wood and leftover/residual production materials to an increasingly demanding market. With the Climate Agreement, the Netherlands has set itself the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 50% in 2030 compared to 1990. By not demolishing but dismantling this wood (in collaboration with Bork as a partner of the 'Intermediate Station' and also acting as a supplier of circular wood), we reuse this material. By avoiding combustion, the material is able to retain stored CO2. Producing locally helps prevent CO2 emissions. By making the circular wood more sustainable through various preservation techniques, its lifespan is increased and it is also made suitable for broader applications.

"Develop 5 product-market combinations that enable use of circular wood"


13 NOV - 18 NOV

Circular (2023)

The 2023 edition of the Green Business Challenge (GBC) started November 13th and finished November 17th, and focussed on the circular economy. During this week a group of 26 international students tra...

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