About this edition

In 2022 31 students from across the globe worked together on a circular challenge for one of our 8 companies. A week filled with great events, workshops and time to socialize while traveling to a new location every day.


  • “How can we package and deliver to construction in a circular way?”

  • “What are substitutes for non-approved substances found in sachets and how to realize a sustainable alternative?”

  • “How can Staatbosbeheer change the public perception that tree harvesting is not necessarily bad, but could also be beneficial to nature and the environment (and thus increase its acceptance in the Netherlands?)”

  • “Develop a circular product solution and business case for BijRinus’ waste streams”

  • “Analyze the entire product chain and calculate the positive environmental impact of the product compared to existing alternatives.”

  • “How can the envisaged living lab be further shaped based on multiple value-creation and future funding?”

  • “Develop a concept for the EnergieHub050 as a circular showcase of new materials and solutions from the region”

  • “What can KEUNSTO do with a (clean) waste stream coming from hospitals?”




I just can‘t believe it‘s already been almost 8 months that I’ve participated in the The Green Business Challenge! During this one week I learned a lot about the green business models, design thinking, the pitch and much more in intensive workshops. It was one of my best experiences in my life and I met so many cool people there. BBENG will organize that event again this year and I would suggest it to ever student who want to gain some international experiences.

Diana Bach Ngoc Vu, Germany