Green Business Challenge


The Green Business Challenge is the perfect opportunity to fuel innovation, collaborate with international talent, accelerate sustainable initiatives, and pave the way for a green economy. Each edition has its own theme, ranging from circular, energy to biobased. Would you like to participate and do you have an interesting business case that needs a fresh pair of eyes to boost the process? Let’s take on the challenge and explore the possibilities!


Interested in joining the Green Business Challenge, without a case? That’s also possible. We’re always looking to partner-up with organisations or experts that want to contribute to the programme. Whether it’s to provide an inspiring location or to give a workshop, let’s talk!



‘Respect for People and Planet’ is one of our core values ​and why we’ve been involved in the Green Business Challenge since the start.  It broadens our horizons, and witnessing the innovative solutions as presented by these young, ambitious students from various backgrounds and nationalities in merely a week is nothing short of astonishing! The fruits of the 2022 GBC –  sustainable packaging for sachets – have been successfully implemented and we are now exploring the potential applications of the ideas generated during the 2023 challenge.

Paul de Vries, Marne Mosterd

The Green Business Challenge has been an exciting experience for us. Not only has it enriched our perspective but the amount of work and solutions that emerged in just one week has truly blown us away. Our challenge benefited from a cohesive and well-organized team, led by an exceptional leader. Participating in the Green Business Challenge is definitely an experience worth repeating!

Bert Knol, Magnificent Proteins