Paques leads the biotech revolution in wastewater and biogas. Since 1981 their mission has been to help commercial industries and water service providers to decrease their footprint. They have delivered over 3.300 cost-effective and highly reliable water purification installations in over 60 countries.

New developments will make it possible to convert organic compounds not only into biogas but into larger organic compounds such as biopolymers that can be used as e.g. flocculants. In this way the waste will create even more value. These green chemicals will be produced in biological reactor systems and can replace the fossil-based flocculants.

Paques is asking the GBC teams to develop 3 product-market combinations (PMC’s) that enable the use of natural flocculants.

The aim for the Green Business Challenge participants is to identify promising market opportunities and the strongest product proposition. The best combinations are mapped out with clear and proven formats for Paques.

“Develop 3 product-market combinations (PMC’s) that enable the use of natural flocculants.”


11 - 13 June 2024

Biobased (2024)

We are excited to launch the first-ever Biobased edition, which will shine its light on the future generation of sustainability pioneers equipped with the skills to ...

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