Innodeen’s mission is to be and stay a leader in advanced biobased solutions for the building industry. They will innovate with the most advanced green and clean materials and production processes. With their shared solutions, most advanced yet acceptable, they set their goal to speed up the customer innovations to help them achieve their commercial and sustainable goals.

It is Innodeen’s ambition to supply the building industry with circular plastic products that extend lifetimes of components, reduces cost price, reduces environmental impact and improves.

The GBC students will be challenged to develop 3 product-market combinations (PMC’s) for Biocomposite products.

"Develop 3 product-market combinations (PMC’s) for Biocomposite products"


11 - 13 June 2024

Biobased (2024)

We are excited to launch the first-ever Biobased edition, which will shine its light on the future generation of sustainability pioneers equipped with the skills to ...

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