Shift the mindset for peat-free products.

Paludi & Markt is a cross-border collaboration in the Northern Netherlands and in the region Niedersachsen in Germany. It focuses on scaling up cattail cultivation as an agricultural activity on wet peat soils and the use of cattail as a peat substitute in substrate production. Biosintrum, one of the project partners has submitted the challenge on the project’s behalf.

Currently, cattail production and processing is taking place at a small scale, for producers it isn’t guaranteed that their product is bought and customers have insufficient security of supply. To change this, upscaling and intensive chain cooperation is necessary.

The desired outcome for the GBC teams is a customer proposition to build a marketing plan around. This proposition will be designed for peat-free compost products and assures that the marketing plan is built on realistic findings to be able to change the mindset of buyers and suppliers and increases the awareness and acceptance of our Biobased product in the German and Dutch horticulture market.

"Help us reach and shift the mindset of buyers and suppliers of peat-free compost and potting soil in the German and Dutch agricultural market."


11 - 13 June 2024

Biobased (2024)

We are excited to launch the first-ever Biobased edition, which will shine its light on the future generation of sustainability pioneers equipped with the skills to ...

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