We ask you to elaborate on the living lab by providing a completed Value Framework, a stakeholder map and three scenarios for possible funding.

We would like to see the vision of the living lab elaborated in a Value Framework by Elke den Ouden.

We also ask you to set up a stakeholder map, partly based on the Value Framework. You can map stakeholders and shareholders so we know who can be of value and/or get value from them.

We can also use your help in mapping funding and subsidy opportunities to realise the living lab. Be sure to include the social and circular aspect in this. Perhaps similar initiatives can be found. We are curious about the opportunities. We would like to be advised in how the funding and subsidy opportunities affect the further design of the living lab. Should we make other choices, for example?

We are starting in Meppel, but would like this plan to take into account the possibility of applying the living lab concept to other locations. Therefore, always keep a sharp eye on feasibility and scalability. We are curious how you look at this matter and what possibilities you see.

“How can the envisaged living lab be further shaped based on multiple value-creation and future funding?”


6 - 11 NOVEMBER 2022

Circular (2022)

In 2022 31 students from across the globe worked together on a circular challenge for one of our 8 companies. A week filled with great events, workshops and time to soc...

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