Meet Hydrogen Prospect, a climate tech startup revolutionizing the energy landscape with green hydrogen. Founded in 2022 by energy visionaries Piotrek Lewandowski and Piotr Angiel, their mission is crystal clear: to slash the high costs of renewable fuels for SMEs and ensure a reliable supply of green hydrogen.

Their groundbreaking approach involves building green hydrogen production sites across northern Netherlands, each capable of producing up to 2.000 kg of green hydrogen per day. By 2030, they aim to operate 10 such facilities, reducing CO2 emissions equivalent to removing 10.000 cars from the road annually!

"Help Hydrogen Prospect with their mission to decarbonize SMEs using green hydrogen."


12 - 17 MAY 2024

Energy (2024)

We are excited to launch the first-ever Energy edition of the Green Business Challenge in collaboration with New Energy Academy...

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