Meet GraphenePioneer, a visionary company driven by the boundless potential of graphene. Founded by Michel de Ruiter, they're pioneering QuantumPlaster and graphene-enhanced concrete, revolutionizing sustainable construction worldwide. Their mission? To lead the charge in sustainable construction, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact one building at a time. With plans to scale up production and expand globally, they're poised to make a massive impact on the €195 billion serviceable market.

GraphenePioneer is asking the GBC team for advice on funding their R&D and scaling up. What needs to be done in the business plan and what funding options are available?

“Guide QuantumPlaster through the valley of death."


12 - 17 MAY 2024

Energy (2024)

We are excited to launch the first-ever Energy edition of the Green Business Challenge in collaboration with New Energy Academy...

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