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We are excited to launch the first-ever Energy edition of the Green Business Challenge in collaboration with New Energy Academy – part of New Energy Coalition.  The world is set to change significantly by 2030, and the energy transition is one of the biggest challenges we are facing today. It demands a rapid fossil fuel phase-down and reduction in energy dependency while simultaneously ensuring grid stability, scaling up renewable energy solutions – such as hydrogen and offshore wind technologies – and fostering collaboration between governments, businesses, and communities. To effectively manage and accomplish this transformation – particularly as an engine for the energy transition in the Netherlands –  we need the best ideas and brightest minds to work together in shaping a sustainable and energy-efficient future in the North.

Drivers of Change: Join us! 
Expect a synergising week and 6-day road trip in the Northern Netherlands, buzzing with fresh ideas and mind-blowing insights and over more than 25 international students tackling real business cases. How can governments, companies, and communities make the shift to renewable energy? How can organisations develop green business models for solar-powered products or come up with solutions for energy storage? The challenges vary each edition but are 100% real. It’s sure to spark inspiration and ignite unexpected breakthroughs.

The Green Business Challenge - Energy Edition 2024
Green Business Challenge

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Do you want to pave the way for a green economy and go on an unforgettable road trip? All while gain new skills, great friendships and exciting career opportunities along the way? Applications are now open for students from all over the world, with various backgrounds — from economics, biology, tech and marketing to (spatial) design, chemistry,  governance, environmental law and psychology,  And the best part; it's free. Ho(s)tels, workshops, transport, food and fun are all taken care of. Limited spots are available, so make sure to claim yours as soon as possible!


Co-created with New Energy Academy


We are proud to partner up with New Energy Academy, who also underlines the need of both skilled professionals and excellent researchers with a broad understanding of the recent challenges. This is the place where you can broaden your knowledge and acquire the information you need! New Energy Academy offers programmes designed for everyone with an interest in energy, from all levels. Do you have an interest in spatial questions? Technical challenges? Or about the social issues of the transition? Check out their Energy Learning Activities and launch your energy career!

New Energy Academy is part of New Energy Coalition, that aims to bring together researchers, entrepreneurs and policymakers to boost innovation, achieve breakthroughs in technology and knowledge and help change people’s mindset and behaviour with regard to the energy transition.


Get set to be inspired by innovations in the energy transition at the well-known Gasunie-building in Groningen! Featuring an amazing keynote speaker, six pitches by teams of innovative students and a jury driven by energy from the world of tomorrow. This will be an electrifying event for everyone interested in change, the energy transition and driving forward. And you’re invited!

When? May 17th, 2024 - Approx. 14:00-17:30

Where? Gasunie building

Costs? This amazing event is free of charge for everyone!

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