Residual streams from hospitals are large in size. Waste processors cannot/may not do anything with these. While they can be high-quality and (incredibly) clean streams. Like infusion bags that only contained saline water. The KEUNSTO project wants to treat these waste streams and turn them into new raw materials and products. It is up to you to put the business case together and look for new applications. We are open to another medical mainstream. Within Keunsto, for example, we are already working on a shoe from possibly this stream. This can be leveraged within the challenge if appropriate. This is up to you.

“What can KEUNSTO do with a (clean) waste stream coming from hospitals?”


6 - 11 NOVEMBER 2022

Circular (2022)

In 2022 31 students from across the globe worked together on a circular challenge for one of our 8 companies. A week filled with great events, workshops and time to soc...

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