‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’

BijRinus works with many residual materials from large ships, including ropes. Reuse of ropes in shipping is often not desirable. People fear a safety risk because the quality of the outer layer of the rope has deteriorated. However, the rope at its core is often still in very good condition. BijRinus therefore removes the outer layer of the rope in order to give the inner rope a new lease of life. However, not all components of the ‘old’ rope can be used, leaving waste/residual materials. Recycling is not a possibility but a prerequisite, but then the question arises: how do we make our trash another man’s treasure?

“Develop a circular product solution and business case for BijRinus’ waste streams”


6 - 11 NOVEMBER 2022

Circular (2022)

In 2022 31 students from across the globe worked together on a circular challenge for one of our 8 companies. A week filled with great events, workshops and time to soc...

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